Prime Rib

A Premium Cut that produces an authentic meal quickly

Tenderite Process

Sonoma Grille Tender Meats use our patented Tenderite™ process, naturally tenderizing Beef, Pork, and Poultry. Using our patented Tenderite™ technology, meat products are safely tenderized based on their specific grade, primal cut, and muscle group. Sonoma Grille Meats are processed using a combination of three All Natural fruit Enzymes extracted from Papain, Pineapples and Figs to tenderize our Sonoma Grille Prime Rib. This product is safely tenderized based on specific grade, primal cut, and muscle group. Industry research shows up to a 50% improvement in overall meat tenderness. Customers benefit from clean tasting cuts of meat, with no chemical after tastes.


Pre cooked to perfection / providing an eating experience that is quick, easy and delicious every time!