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No matter how or where you gather together, Arkk Foods can be a part of your experience.¬†With many popular packaged brands available at countless grocery stores and restaurants across the country, there’s a good chance that you’re enjoying our products. At Arkk Food we create products that redefine food by taking innovative approaches in food development.

Butcher On The Block:

The creator of gourmet bratwurst & sausages. Perfect for any occasion and always a favorite at picnics, barbecues & the dinner table. Our products are made to be versatile. Butcher On The Block will enhance your favorite pasta, soup or create the perfect appetizer . No matter what you are creating in the kitchen, Butcher On The Block will only make it better.

Sonoma Grille:

A premium line of meats arising from nature’s best and years of innovation. Offering cutting-edge ground beef technology to a fully cooked to perfection prime rib.


Is our line of Peanut free products that will amaze your tastebuds. Our products are specifically designed to taste identical to peanut butter but without the peanuts!


Is our line of Gluten free products that will amaze your tastebuds. The product is specially formulated to deliver all the great taste you expect from bread without the Gluten. Our unique Gluten free product line includes Bread, Pizza Crust, Breadsticks and Dessert Sticks all with our unique gluten free ingredients.

nutritwistNutri-Twist Wow Water:

Combines multiple vitamins and minerals, hydrating electrolytes, all natural sweeteners (cane sugar and Stevia), NO artificial coloring, NO high fructose syrup, NO caffeine, and amazingly contains only 36 cal. per bottle. Nutri-Twist Wow Water is the healthy hydration drink for any age!

Twisted VenergE

The new generation of energy

V+energ+E provides you with vitamins, energy and electrolytes for peak performance and hydration. Providing you with all the essential vitamins and nutrition to stay on top of your game!